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I’m joining Skift

I’m thrilled to say that I’m joining Skift as travel tech editor. You can email me here. How I got here: Since 2010, I’ve been full-time covering the travel technology sector. I’ve interviewing hundreds of top executives and entrepreneurs. My trade scoops have been name-checked/referenced by The New York Times (link), Bloomberg News (example), and […]

What I did before 2015

In late July 2015, I became the editor-in-chief of Tnooz, the trade publication. I’ve been covering travel technology companies for Tnooz since 2012 as a part-time reporter. You can e-mail me, here. Between April and July, I also blogged near daily for’s news operation. A year ago I re-located from London, where I had been […]

My travel tech trade news work, 2014 and 2015

I’ve written 800+ posts for trade news site Tnooz, where in July 2015 I became its editor-in-chief. My scoops and articles have been widely read, with 9 of the 10 most-shared articles on Tnooz in the past year having been written by me, as verified by BuzzSumo. I’m proudest of my following work: Real scoops: […]

Highlights of my work

BBC TRAVEL How Google Glass could ease air travel (This presaged by a few months Virgin’s pioneering test of the technology.) New measures in airport security Skip the hotel, stay in a horse A look at unusual lodging worldwide. Think you can fly a jumbo jet? Try this new simulator in London TNOOZ The most widely […]

My more deeply reported pieces and narratives

My more deeply reported pieces and narratives

My April, May, and June journalism

BBC Travel [The following links aren’t viewable to UK residents because of BBC rules. Sorry.] New gear that solves 5 common travel problems Google’s lesser known travel apps Plan your great American road trip Buy your airfare from GetGoing and it will decide where you’re flying Need a flight? Start a contest Use these online […]

Highlights of my January through March 2013 journalism

BBC Travel [The following links aren’t viewable to UK residents because of BBC rules.] Top sites for booking European rail tickets (think this is pretty representative of my work) When’s the best time to book flights? (was the most-viewed article on for a day) Pay-as-you-go rental cars come of age for travelers (written before […]

Links for 2012

A list of my writing in 2012. Condé Nast Traveler (US edition) Mark Zuckerberg Fails to Tip, Should You? The Truth About Tipping Etiquette in Rome Explainer: Why Do Airplanes Take Off Into the Wind? Four Promising Tech Advances for Airports and Airplanes. Does package bundling on vacation-booking websites really get you a deal? Explainer: […]

2011 writing highlights

I wrote 18 feature stories this year for, the website of Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine in the US. One piece that CNN re-published — 8 Foreign Fast-Food Chains Worth a Taste — received more than 7,000+ Facebook “likes”. A piece re-published on Yahoo, World’s Prettiest Castle Towns, drew 2,500 likes. I did 169 […]