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The stars don’t twinkle at the calmest place on Earth

An icy plateau in Antarctica called Ridge A is the calmest place on Earth. There’s almost no wind or weather there at all. The atmosphere is so still that stars do not twinkle. Stars appear at Ridge A with about the same clarity as observed by the Hubble telescope in outer space. Another reason Ridge […]

How to recognize a winning Web content model

Like many reporters, I’ve read dozens—no, make that hundreds—of articles and reports on the (doomed) fate of newspapers and magazines in the digital era. But by far the simplest and clearest essay I’ve read is Post-Medium Publishing by Paul Graham (shown left). My favorite part of Graham’s essay is his test for recognizing what new […]

Something about Robert De Niro

In the mid-1970s, Robert De Niro was in danger of getting typecast as a street tough, due to his performances in Mean Streets and Taxi Driver. So he leapt at a chance to play an elegant white-collar guy in The Last Tycoon. De Niro was coached by director Elia Kazan in how to appear intellectual. […]