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How much is New York Times content worth?

The Times is my favorite publication, and I pay about $14 a month for its content via my Kindle. So that’s what I think it it’s worth. But not everyone else agrees. UPDATE May 2010: The New York Times Sunday magazine published a great survey of this question since I’ve published this blog post. If […]

Is advertising information you don’t need?

The optimists say that the economics of publishing content online won’t always be bad. There won’t always be an oversupply of skilled content producers and a corresponding lack of enough online advertising income to support their work. We’re told that display advertising will become more interactive, and thus will attract more users, and that this […]

Why “content” is an ugly but necessary word

I dislike the word content as much as anyone. So does Paul Graham, as he explains in his essay Post-Medium Publishing: “The word suggests an undifferentiated slurry. But economically that’s how both publishers and audiences treat it. Content is information you don’t need.” Compare and contrast: Being in the magazine business is being in the […]