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The Guardian’s editor gives the definitive speech on online newspapers

The Guardian‘s editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger gave a speech that covers everything you need to know. Did you know that the Guardian is the second-most read English-language newspaper online? I didn’t. If The New York Times moves to a pay wall model in 2011 as planned, the Guardian will be heir to the top spot. No […]

R.I.P. Nancy Lee Head, my favorite activist

Two days after I received a card from her in response to mine, Nancy Lee Head passed away at her home in Arlington, Va. It was startling to find out the news. She had been doing fine! Nancy Lee was the most inspirational activist I’ve ever met. I find myself wanting to paraphrase some words […]

Do journalists need to become entrepreneurs?

I’m especially fascinated by essayist and venture capitalist Paul Graham’s model for a good journalism start-up: Pair up a writer/reporter with a supersmart programmer and a graphic designer. Other combinations are possible, of course, such as having a videographer on the team. Or, as Charles Pelton has proposed in a different context, putting an events/marketing/conference-organizing/listings-service […]