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Gadling does a goodbye Q&A with me about my time at Budget Travel

Was a fun interview to do.

Talking cruises on

Taped these two segments about Top Tips for Cruises aboard the Explorer of the Seas.

Video: Talking about Affordable Memorial Day Deals

On short notice, I was asked to represent Budget Travel on MSNBC on Saturday morning. Here’s the clip on affordable Memorial Day weekend getaways. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Success for Budget Travel’s blog

The blog I’m the founding editor of has been growing strong these past three years. Here’s the overall picture.

Radio Q&A: Fees for carry-ons!

The leading broadcast travel journalist in the U.S. is Peter Greenberg, and I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on his radio show about a half dozen times. Yesterday, we chatted about crazy airline fees.

Panel talk at ASJA

I was on a Frommer’s panel on how to break into travel writing. Here’s the audio transcript.

Media hit: NBC Nightly News appearance

I was interviewed for a story on the mass flight cancellations due to the Icelandic volcano eruption. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Media Hit: Hotels worth your tax rebate

I was on local Fox News stations talking about hotel bargains this week: Watch the latest news video at

Blockbuster articles for

Getting your story featured in the marquee of Yahoo’s homepage is like having a TV commercial in the Super Bowl. It doesn’t get much more prominent. A story I invented and executed, “7 Ways to Annoy a Flight Attendant,” was one such hit. There have been several others. Ask me for details.

Interviews with me in print

I’ve been quoted in several media outlets, representing Budget Travel. A sampling: .