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My print clips from Budget Travel

I’ve appeared in the print edition of Budget Travel. Literally: Check out the September 2009 article “Indestructible Gear? We’ll See About That.” In the photos illustrating the article, you’ll see me twice: once on a bicycle and once behind the wheel of a car. (Click link to download file as a PDF.) I had pitched the story idea, and I think it came out well, with great spot photography by Michael Mohr. The piece was picked up by MSNBC.

My other recent work in print:

“Kentucky: A Trot in the Country” My longest narrative piece, based on a four-day road trip with my friend Cathy Alter. Web version

“Shoulder Season” My three-page guide to where in the world is worth visting during autumn. PDF version or Web version

“Get Money Back!” PDF version or Web version

“Welcome to Shoulder Season” PDF version or Web version

“TripAdvisor Versus TravelPost” PDF version (look toward bottom of page for text) Web version

Budget Travel‘s Guilt-Free Gift Guide” (Dec/Jan 2009) PDF version Web version

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