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I’m joining Skift

I’m thrilled to say that I’m joining Skift as travel tech editor. You can email me here.

How I got here:

Since 2010, I’ve been full-time covering the travel technology sector. I’ve interviewing hundreds of top executives and entrepreneurs. My trade scoops have been name-checked/referenced by The New York Times (link), Bloomberg News (example), and other major outlets.

Between July 2015 and January 2017 I was editor-in-chief of Tnooz, a trade news brand that covers B2B travel technology. Some highlights:

—Broke news that moves public stock prices, such as a story about Orbitz being put up for sale and China’s state-owned GDS making its first western tech vendor acquisition (my story beat the announcement).
—Did enterprise reporting, such as my early 2016 report on Expedia Media Solutions, the advertising arm of the OTA giant, where I was the first to predict the strategy changes now taking place.
—Rapidly and creatively summarized and curated news, such as about the bizarre death of Unister’s CEO. Pieces were highly commented on, like my report on Homeaways’s changed fee structure that drew hundreds of responses.
—Interviewed hundreds of top players in the industry, from the CEO of Expedia to the new CMO of
—Was first to identify key industry trends, like the major OTAs getting into providing B2B hotel services.
—Led an editorial team that produces original reporting and analysis on the core technology products, vendors, and trends affecting travel distribution and marketing. Used analytics to inform strategy.
—Managed direct reports: two full-time, one part-time. Collectively publish 20 pieces of content a week.
—Represented our brand at events, such as moderating a November 2016 panel I put together to discuss a report on distribution written by the London School of Economics and sponsored by Amadeus.
—Assigned and edited PDF reports on sector topics, such as revenue strategy for hotels. Seven titles. Plus, sponsored content reports, such as Sabre’s on mobility in travel.

Since 2010, I’ve had to balance living for stints in the UK and South Jersey. In London my partner pursued a PhD while in my hometown I’ve had family commitments. London is amazing, and it’s also a fantastic base for visiting other places.

I’ve put in my 10,000 hours learning to balance the nuances right while still simplifying for a broad audience. Still don’t always hit the mark at doing it conversationally and as briefly as possible, but I try my damnedest.

I got into this business by a couple of sideways moves. I started by writing how-to, consumer advice articles for Kiplinger’s magazine. My interests led me to specialize in advice for travel planning at Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine.

My effort at understanding how consumers can become better at trip planning led me to ask more and more questions about how the industry really works. I got hooked, and in 2012 began focusing full-time on the inner workings of the travel tech trade, freelancing for BBC Travel and Tnooz.

A couple of personal notes:

My mother immigrated to the US from Ireland, and she taught me early on that there are more perspectives than just the American one. I’ve tried to take this lesson to heart by traveling to as many places as I can. One of the reasons I’m thrilled to join Skift is that it has a similar worldview.

I became interested in covering technology partly because my father is a gadget head and the latest cool technology has always been something we’ve bonded over. Vendor tech is different from consumer tech, but I’ve got the same passion for it.

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